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advantages of horizontal split case pumps


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  • Pros & Cons of Horizontal Split-Case Pumps | Pumps & Systems

    Advantages of HSC pumps: It is the best of pumps; it is the worst of pumps. Horizontal split-case (HSC) pumps are used in most industries around the world to move large quantities of fairly clean fluids—usually water—at low to medium pressures. HSC design geometry poses numerous advantages and disadvantages for users.

  • End-Suction pump vs Horizontal Split Case - Fire ...

    Centrifugal pumps are the most common pumps used in firefighting applications, in this article we will clarify the basic differences between most common types of centrifugal pumps, "End Suction" & "Horizontal Split Case", we will discuss the design, construction of each type and compare between capacities range, initial cost, maintenance, and space requirements for each type.

  • Horizontal Split-Case Centrifugal Pumps | HPAC Engineering

    The horizontal split-case centrifugal (HSC) pump is more than 100 years old, yet still is the workhorse of the HVAC pump industry. If a lot of water has to be moved efficiently with a minimum of fuss, no other pump can outperform it.

  • PDF Horizontal split-case pumps

    The Grundfos HS horizontal split case pump is a single stage, centrifugal volute pump with high energy efficiency and low life-cycle costs. Ease of service and long-term reliability are two of the selling features of the HS pumps. The split case design enables removal and dismantling of the internal pump

  • PDF Horizontal Split Case Pumps

    Horizontal Split Case (HSC) Pumps manufactured by us and these instructions supersede the previous issue. In this new version, we have tried to cover majority of the technical details, procedures and work instructions pertaining to satisfactory and technically sound practice for Installation, Operation & Maintenance of our pumps.

  • PDF Split Case Pumps - Horizontally Mounted

    SECTION PAGE DATE A Crane Co. Company USA: (937) 778-8947 • Canada: (905) 457-6223 • International: (937) 615-3598 Split Case Pumps - Horizontally Mounted 1 1200 www.cranepumps.com Product Numbering System Bulletin 1200 11/16

  • PDF Horizontal Split Case Pumps - Xylem Applied Water

    parts list cp-515f-pl series hsc3 pumps 6 mechanical seal over shaft parts list cp-515a-pl mechanical seal over shaft series hsc3 pumps 6 cat. no. part description qty. material 4x6x12s,m,l,xl 4x6x12xl with rings 4x6x12a 4x6x14s,l

  • Split-Case Pumps | Intro to Pumps

    Most split-case pumps are axially-split - meaning that the flange at which the pump casing separates is in the same plane as the pump axis. Radially-split pumps are also available, and are commonly used in very high-pressure and high-temperature industrial applications (boiler-feed pumps are one common application for radially-split pumps).

  • Split Case Pumps | SPP Pumps

    Suitable for electric or diesel drives, split case pump duties range from around 200 US gpm to 5,000 US gpm. SPP Pumps also boasts the largest UL Listed horizontal fire pump to date - with a capacity of 8,000 USgpm.

  • PDF Horizontal Split Case Pumps Horizontally Split Centrifugal ...

    Also, LR Type horizontal split-case pumps are designed to ensure ease of maintenance and parts interchangeability. This means additional savings from reduced downtime and minimum need for parts inventory. The heart of the split-case line in the LR, single-stage, double-suction impeller design. Double-suction impellers offer two advantages ...

  • Horizontal Split Case Centrifiugal Pumps | Masterflow ...

    Horizontal split case pumps have a long standing reputation for reliability, longevity, and optimum efficiencies, particularly in systems that are outside the performance range of Back pull out centrifugal pumps. Their design allows for the easy servicing of the moving parts without disruption to pipework.

  • Horizontal Split Case Pumps | Manufacturers | Suppliers ...

    These Horizontal split case pumps are of Single stage, double suction, split volute, centrifugal Non-self priming type with radial suction & discharge ports. The split case design of these pumps enables easy removal & dismantling of bearings, wearing rings, Impeller & seals without disturbing the pipeline & motor.

  • Split Case vetically mounted Vs Vertical In-line - Pump ...

    Disadvantages of vertically-mounted split-case over conventional horizantal mounting or vertical in-line pumps: 1. Thrust bearings required 2. Overhead crane not much use for lifting out "top" casing,impeller-shaft assembly, and other components. Special forklift or horizontal rig required.

  • Choosing the Right Fire Pump | Steven Brown & Associates

    Horizontal Split Case These components include the impeller, bearings, pump shaft, and so on. HSC pumps have two bearings, located on either side of the impeller, which are useful to withstand the large amount of vibration and thrust forces often caused by water turbulence in the suction piping.

  • Horizontal Split Case Pump | Re-circulating Water System ...

    Kirloskar Brothers Limited welcomes you all. Horizontal Split Case pumps are used in handling water with slight impurities, petroleum refineries, conditioning and refrigeration system etc.

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