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304 Steel Turbine Pump Case Investment Casting


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  • Stainless Steel Casting Applications

    Common Material Grades of Stainless Steel Casting. 304—The most widely used austenite steel, may be referred to as A2 stainless.; 304L—This grade has slightly lower mechanical properties than the standard 304 grade, but is still widely used in casting for its versatility.; 316--The second most common austenite steel, also referred to as A4 stainless.

  • China Automotive Part manufacturer, Turbine Blade ...

    Dongying Hengxin Turbomachinery Co., Ltd (HXT for short) is one of leader manufacturer specializes in developing and manufacturing of investment castings parts with material of nickel respectively cobalt based alloys and stainless steel, mainly used for Aviation, Gas /Steam turbine, Marine, Railway, Automotive and Lock parts applications filed etc.

  • Pentair Berkeley 6TS Stainless Steel Submersible Turbine Pumps

    6TS Series Pumps feature heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction and hard chrome wear surfaces that will outperform ordinary fabricated stainless steel pumps in aggressive water conditions. The state-of-the-art design includes 100% lead-free components with high efficiency performance in 6 hydraulics up to 400 GPM and 60 HP.


    AUTOMATIC STAINLESS PERIPHERAL PUMP ade SS304 CASTING PUMP CASE FEATURES Compact design with stainless 9teel 304 3ank for easy operation. Thermo-sensing loss of prime pump protector Thermql overload motor protector Automatic water supply for floor household Where water capacity is insufficient. * Where water pressure is insufficient.

  • PDF Berkeley 5TMH Series Submersible Turbine Pumps Sell Sheet

    5 Impeller - 304 stainless steel, investment cast Smooth and efficient performance, long life 6 Bowls - Class 30 cast iron Heavy-walled construction incorporates precision hydraulic design for maximum efficiency and performance. Coated internal passageways on the 5TMH series increases overall pump efficiency and performance.

  • Stainless Steel Investment Casting, Machine pump parts ...

    Tasonic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a reliable Taiwan based OEM_ODM manufacturer of Stainless Steel Investment Casting, Machine pump parts, Marine hardware, Stamping and Forming Metal Parts, Aluminum Die Casting or Gravity Casting Machined Parts, Sintered Parts. All products are made in Taiwan. We offer professional services worldwide.

  • Investment Castings to Precise Wall Thickness & Geometric ...

    The standard minimum wall thickness for investment casting lies between .040" and .080". Wall thickness as low as 0.020" has been achieved within a small area. Overall wall thickness is dependent on the alloy used and the size of the surface area.

  • Investment Casting | Metal Casting Resources

    Parts manufactured with investment casting include turbine blades, medical equipment, firearm components, gears, jewelry, golf club heads, and many other machine components with complex geometry. The "Looking Up" sculpture in New York uses investment casting techniques to create an impactful stainless steel figure.

  • PDF E41 • T41 Series Turbine Pumps

    Turbine Pumps MTH E41 • T41 Series Close-coupled and pedestal mounted regenerative turbine pumps represent the most economical, high perfor-mance alternative for low flow (1/2 to 22 GPM) clean fluid applications involving moderate to high pressures (heads to 600 feet). By combining the latest concepts in hydraulic turbine pump design with

  • Korea South: Foundry & Metal Casting

    - investment casting manufacturer, nickel-based and cobalt-based super alloys, precipitation hardening steel, carbon and stainless steel, aluminum alloys commercial casting parts and core casting parts for aerospace, power generation and marine industries - turbine blades, turbine nozzles, air-seals, sleeves and deflectors, flight control parts ...

  • C6 Straight Centrifugal Pump | Flint & Walling

    Constructed of rugged deep drawn 304 stainless steel for durability and corrosion-resistance. Investment cast stainless steel closed impellers for enhanced performance and high efficiencies. All models include Viton ® Type 21 mechanical seals and O-rings which offer a broad range of chemical compatibility and can be used for highly-corrosive ...

  • FP-FVT Lineshaft Turbine Pumps | Fire Protection ...

    FP-FVT Lineshaft Turbine Pumps. The FP-FVT vertical turbine product line is one of the most engineered fire production products available today. This product can be electric or diesel engine driven and is available in many flows and pressures in both 50 & 60 cycle speeds.

  • Carbon Steel vs Cast Steel - Investment Casting Manufacturers

    Carbon steel is one type of general groups of steel castings which has a carbon content up to 2.1% in weight. Once the alloy moves above a carbon content of 2.1%, it is then considered to be cast iron. Cast Steel. Cast steel, then, is a type of carbon steel, often containing a carbon content anywhere from 0.1-0.5% carbon. This is a specific ...

  • turbine housing casting, turbine housing casting Suppliers ...

    Product Details Name Manufacturer Custom High Precision Stainless Steel Turbine Housing Casting Processing Sand casting, die casting, precision Forging, Investment casting , lost wax casting, Machining and Stamping Application 1) pipe fittings, Petroleum, smelting, foodstuff, power, papermaking, chemical, medical equipment, 2) Aviation, boiler heat, exchanger, gas metallurgy, shipbuilding ...

  • 6" STS Submersible Turbine Pumps | 5-9" STS Series ...

    Longer discharge and motor bracket bearings for increased pump life. Spiral cutlass rubber intermediate bearings designed for harsh environments. 416 Stainless Steel pump shaft ground and polished for maximum durability. Investment cast stainless steel impellers for maximum abrasion resistance. Custom pumps available.

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