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  • Backyard Metal Casting and Homemade Forges - Instructables

    Backyard Metal Casting and Homemade Forges: For thousands of years, man has worked metals. Although some of the technology to work metals is relatively recent, the initial human drive to create is still with us.

  • Melting metal in a home foundry, backyard metalcasting ...

    The Metalcasting FORUMS are now part of AlloyAvenue.com the message board site for metalworkers. Create a profile, post project photos, blogs, questions/comments etc! Furnace designs: Tools and materials: Hefty Harriette It was time to "crank it up a few degrees" literally and figuratively and build a big furnace capable of withstanding repeated iron melts.

  • Backyard Metal Casting Setup Information ~ Metal casting ...

    This metal crucible is excellent for backyard metal casting, I have used it many times and it works perfect in combination with the crucible tools. The next thing I needed is a good and functional ingot tray. Since I am using bigger crucible I am using more aluminum and the muffin tray that I used before is a bit small at this stage.

  • How to Build a DIY Foundry For Backyard Metal Casting

    Looking at Backyard Metal Casting and other sites led me to a really cool set of books written by David Gingery. His premise was that anyone with enough desire and common hand tools could build their own metal shop. He has a set of 8 books that tells the reader how to do just that.

  • How to Make the Mini Metal Foundry : 10 Steps (with ...

    How to Make the Mini Metal Foundry : How to make a simple backyard foundry for less than $20, for melting pop cans, and casting aluminum.

  • Melting iron with waste oil - backyard. Metalcasting

    For awhile I've considered casting iron to be the "holy grail" of backyard metalcasting. If you can successfully melt and cast iron then you've really developed your foundry. The strange thing is that the burner I used to melt this iron is the SIMPLEST most basic burner I've ever used to melt metal! I hope that very soon melting iron in a ...

  • Amazon.com: metal foundry

    Propane Melting Furnace Kit 304 Stainless Steel Body with 6 KG Graphite Crucible Casting Refining Smelting for Precious Metals Gold Silver Tin Aluminum Scrap Metal Recycle. 3.8 out of 5 stars 11. $198.00 $ 198. 00 $298.00 $298.00. FREE Shipping

  • backyard casting question | The H.A.M.B.

    backyard casting question. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by CadDaddy42, Dec 31, 2007. Joined: Nov 29, 2006 Posts: 300. Profile Page ... And has anyone tried a method of melting the whole piston, with some way of pulling the steel plates out after the aluminum has melted, or is it really better to sledge them to death and ...

  • Build Your Own Home Metal Foundry — DIY — MOTHER EARTH NEWS

    Instead, you might say I "founded" one, for a total investment of about $30 and the time it took me to learn, through experience, the basics of home metal casting. Establishing a Compact Foundry

  • myhomefoundry — The Hobby Foundry web Site

    The lost foam casting technique certainly has it's place in the commercial and hobby foundry, but there are problems associated with lost foam. And if you are experiencing problems with lost foam, it could be due to not having a proper understanding of how traditional timber patterns are made, in fact, if you put the question to a skilled ...

  • Build a Foundry and Sand-cast Aluminum. : 15 Steps (with ...

    Before you use a food can for a crucible, check it with a magnet. The best cheap crucible for aluminum and zinc alloys is a short piece of steel pipe with a piece of steel plate welded over one end. I haven't checked with local welding shops, but it would probably cost less than the cheapest clay-graphite crucible from Budget Casting Supply.

  • Homemade furnace refractories - backyard. Metalcasting

    Homemade Refractories. This page will detail some of the refractory formulas that I experiment with.My previous furnaces were all made from a clay form surrounded with regular concrete or mortar. The "2 bucks" furnace was my first use of an actual refractory formula. --Jan./16/2002

  • Metal Casting Supplies | PMCSupplies.com | PMC Supplies

    This casting method can be used with aluminum, bronze, cast iron, steel, and magnesium alloys and is best for casting metals with intricate detail or complex designs. This casting method will require molten metal, a metal die, wax, ceramic slurry, furnace, and a machine for grinding, cutting, or blasting. Spin Casting/Centrifugal Casting

  • Backyard Foundry for Home Machinists (Fox Chapel ...

    Backyard Foundry for Home Machinists is essential reading for anyone interested in getting started in foundry or casting work. About the Author B. Terry Aspin was the author of three books about foundry work and home shop machining: The Backyard Foundry , Foundrywork for the Amateur , and The Model Locomotive from Scratch .

  • metalcasting and general metalworking links

    The Association of Backyard Metalcasters Here is a "group" website that more than welcomes photos, text and other informative contributions from the hobby metalcasting community. Tim's casting pages Tim (a regular poster on the forum) has put together some nice metalcasting pages. He even has an oil burner of his own design!

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