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Carbon Steel Investment Casting Precision Casting for Building Material


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  • Carbon Steel Castings | Avalon Precision Metalsmiths

    Carbon steel is a popular material for a wide range of applications. It is inexpensive, readily available in numerous grades, and can be heat-treated to improve its strength, ductility, and machinability. As one of the industry's leading metal casting companies, Avalon Precision Metalsmiths pours a variety of carbon steel alloys.

  • Steel Investment Casting Process | Precision Casting ...

    Crating wax pattern is the first step of investment casting and also the basis of the precision investment casting process. The wax pattern is made by injecting the wax into a metal mold. When you create a wax pattern, you should consider the whole detail of the products because all the casting is based on the shape which the wax pattern created.

  • Carbon Steel Casting and Low-Alloy Steel Casting | www ...

    Water Glass Investment Casting: carbon steel castings with tolerance CT7-CT8. Most of carbon steel castings use water glass casting process for its low cost. Silica Sol Investment Casting: It is a lost wax casting method. This casting process can control carbon steel castings within tolerance CT5-6. Better surface finish.

  • Precision Casting, Precision Casting China | INVESTMENT ...

    Precision casting, also called investment casting, is a lost wax casting process widely used for producing ferrous and nonferrous metal parts. Unlike other casting processes, precision casting produces net shape parts with excellent surface finish and dimensional accuracy.

  • Steel and Metal Investment Casting - Texmo Precision Castings

    The vast majority of the investment casting we undertake is done using steel, aluminium or other metal alloys in the castings. These materials offer the best results in terms of strength, malleability and flexibility. Within these metal groups, are a host of different alloy types, each offering slightly different properties.

  • Carbon steel castings - PRECISION CASTING

    Stainless steel casting surface finish than the general casting of the high, generally up to Ra.1.6 ~ 3.2μm. Can meet customer requirements to meet the electrical hardware parts, in line with the EU ROHS testing standards, precision casting non-magnetic stainless steel can eliminate the magnetic interference instrument.

  • Investment Casting Materials

    As one of investment casting companies in china, we produce a variety of precision components with different Investment Casting Materials. Investment casting process is a complex processing. We have to consider the final products functions, materials cost saving, precision casting defects, and limit the secondary processes after the casting.

  • Precision Investment Casting | Investment Castings

    The Barron Industries investment casting process provides distinctive advantages over sand and other casting methods. Our precision lost wax casting method turns out high strength castings with greater dimensional accuracy, higher consistency, superior product integrity and improved surface finish.

  • Investment Casting Manufacturer | Impro Precision

    Investment casting of complex precision parts requires high-quality equipment capable of achieving tight tolerances with repeatable accuracy. Machinery and manufacturing processes must also be able to process large volumes quickly and seamlessly without compromising product quality.

  • Tool Steel Investment Casting - A2 , S7, D2, O1 Alloys ...

    Milwaukee Precision Tool Investment Casting. Milwaukee Precision Casting, Inc. offers tool steel investment castings heat-treated to suit your needs. If your part requires secondary machining operations, we can supply your component fully annealed as low as RC 20. We also harden and temper our various grades of tool steel as high as RC 60.

  • China Top Precision Investment Casting Manufacturer | Vast

    Vast is the leading of investment casting manufacturers in China. Vast specialized in precision investment casting with various surface treatment since 2003. Vast supply various precision casting parts, such as architectural hardware, marine hardware, machined parts, mechanical products, pumps & valves, glass spigots and so on.

  • Precision Investment Casting, Investment Casting Companies ...

    From simple to complex shapes, investment Casting provide you with ideal solution to your mechanical component requirements. 1. Finish and Coating: natural, nickel plated, electro polished plated or any coating as per customer specification. 2. Available material: stainless steel, carbon steel and refractory steel of various specifications. 3.

  • Carbon Steel Castings,carbon steel investment ,carbon ...

    Professional in Carbon Steel Castings,carbon steel investment ,carbon steel castings,Manufacturers of carbon steel casting,Carbon Steel Castings manufacturer in china Showing 1-9 of 13 Next >> IC01

  • Stainless Steel Castings | Avalon Precision Metalsmiths

    Stainless steel is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass. It is highly corrosion resistant and wear resistant, provides excellent machinability, and is well-known for its aesthetic appearance. Avalon Precision Metalsmiths is one of the industry's leading stainless steel casting companies.

  • Stainless steel castings

    casting stainless steel DeZe develops and produces high quality investment castings that can be cast in virtually any steel alloy. Steel is an alloy consisting of iron (Fe) and carbon (C), where the term 'steel' is used for iron alloys with a limited amount of carbon (less than 1,9%).

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