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  • Breakouts during Continuous Casting of Liquid Steel ...

    Breakouts during Continuous Casting of Liquid Steel. One of the worst catastrophic process failures that can occur during the process of continuous casting (CC) of liquid steel is the breakout of the liquid steel. Breakout occurs when solidifying strand steel shell ruptures or tears beneath the mould.

  • (PDF) Breakout Problems Study of Continuous Casting Steel

    PDF | On Aug 16, 2012, Sahib Mahdi published Breakout Problems Study of Continuous Casting Steel | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate

  • Breakout Problems Study of Continuous Casting Steel ...

    Breakout Problems Study of Continuous Casting Steel The breakout is one of greatest problems in the continuous casting processes. We can return most of their reasons on the bad control of casting process circumstances, including the chemical composition of the metal, pouring speed and temperature, as well as operation processes control.

  • PDF Analysis of Breakout of Concast Steel Slab Via Criteria of ...

    the chemical composition of the steel during continuous casting are particularly dangerous. In the event that two melts are cast one right after another, i.e. if the melt of the steel with chemical composition A ends and it is immediately followed by the steel B, it may automatically stop the CCM and an atypical breakout may take place.

  • PDF A study of breakout of a continuously cast steel slab due ...

    composition of the steel, during the actual continuous casting, are especially dangerous. In the case of two immediate consequent melts this could lead to immediate interruption of the continuous casting and to a breakout. The temperature field of a slab was calculated by means of original numerical model

  • (PDF) Experimental Analysis on the Causes of the Breakout ...

    The breakout occurred after a flying change of tundish in order to begin casting of another steel grade. Altogether 11 samples were taken from the part of a solidified slab.

  • Novel mold breakout prediction and control technology in ...

    T. Kajitani, Y. Kato, K. Harada, et al.Mechanism of a hydrogen-induced sticker breakout in continuous casting of steel: influence of hydroxyl ions in mould flux on heat transfer and lubrication in the continuous casting mould [J] ISIJ Int., 48 (9) (2008), pp. 1215-1224. Google Scholar.

  • Breakouts Problem during continuous casting of steel

    3 CAUSES OF BREAKOUTS DURING CONTINUOUS CASTING Breakout during strand withdrawal Higher TDS of water during secondary cooling Improper heating of tundish Low Carbon Equivalent (Ceq ) of the molten steel Higher phosphorous content in the steel

  • Influence of the chemical composition on steel casting ...

    1. Introduction. The accurate treatment of steel in ladle for the proper control of deoxidation and inclusions in the products is essential to produce billets from the continuous casting process , .The formation of liquid inclusion after the secondary refining is considered a precondition for the steady flow of liquid metal through the small diameter nozzles of the continuous caster.

  • Electromagnetic Effects on Solidification Defect Formation ...

    Continuous casting is the most widely used process to manufacture steel, accounting for > 96% of steel in the world.1 Thus, even small improvements to this process can greatly impact the industry. During continuous casting, molten steel flows into the mold cavity through a submerged nozzle and freezes against the water-cooled mold plates in the presence of turbulent fluid flow, argon gas ...

  • Steel - Continuous casting | Britannica

    Steel - Steel - Continuous casting: About 55 percent of the world's liquid steel production is solidified in continuous casting processes, the most widely used of which feeds liquid steel continuously into a short, water-cooled vertical copper mold and, at the same time, continuously withdraws the frozen shell, including the liquid steel it contains.

  • PDF (SP2)Thermal-Mechanical Model Calibration with Breakout ...

    A breakout is the ultimate casting defect. This work performs comprehensive measurements of a breakout at Nippon Steel Yawata Works No.2 strandcaster, and presents the casting conditions and data as a benchmark for understanding breakout events, and for model calibration. Finally,

  • Breakout | Scientific.Net

    The breakout occurred after a flying change of tundish in order to begin casting of another steel grade. Altogether 11 samples were taken from the part of a solidified slab. Concentrations of selected elements (Al, Si, P, S, Cr, Mn, Ni and Mo) were measured in these samples using scanning electron microscope and energy dispersive spectroscopy.

  • Neural Network Based Breakout Prediction System in ...

    — Continuous casting of steel is a process in which liquid steel is continuously solidified into semi-finished or finished product (slabs, blooms or billets). There are many problems associated with continuous casting shop which affect the casting process. A major problem is associated in continuous casting shop is breakout of molten steel.

  • Role of Mould in Continuous Casting of Steel - IspatGuru

    Nurturing of the initial thin and fragile solid shell for avoidance of breakout during descent of the strand down the mould; Designing of casting parameters in tune with the solidification dynamics of the steel grade for minimization or elimination of surface and internal defects in the cast product

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