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  • The effect of cast steel chemical composition C, Si, Mn, S ...

    The alloy composition of C, Si, Mn, S, P, Cr, Mo and Ni is very important for the mechanical properties to carbon steel and alloy cast steel. Many steel casting buyers and manufacturers hope to control these elements to the most reasonable range to improve the performance of cast steel products.

  • PDF Casting Material Carbon Steel BS3146 Type CLA 1

    Casting Material: Carbon Steel BS3146 CLA 1 Type CLA1 is a British carbon steel for investment casting manufacture process only. There are three steel grades: Grade A, Grade B and Grade C. BS 3146-1 Specification for Investment Castings in metal; Part 1: Carbon and low alloy steels BS3146 Type CLA 1 Casting Chemical Requirements Composition:

  • PDF Carbon and Low Alloy Steel Casting Mechanical Properties

    The chemical composition and microstructure of a steel casting determine its mechanical properties. Heat treatment can change microstructure and provide a wide range of mechanical properties. The response to heat treatment for a given section is hardenability. A steel with a high hardenability will have uniform hardness in thicker sections, than

  • Carbon Steel Casting and Low-Alloy Steel Casting | www ...

    Carbon steel is one of main materials in steel casting industry. According to the carbon contents, carbon steels are classified as three types: Low-carbon steels(< 0.20% C): A range of tensile properties are provided by heat treatment, and may be hardened to provide high surface hardness with abrasion resistance and good core ductility.

  • Carbon Steel Casting | INVESTMENT CASTING

    Most of carbon steel castings use water glass casting process for its low cost. In China, around 70% casting foundries are water glass casting manufacturers. Silica Sol Casting: Another lost wax casting method for carbon steel casting. This casting process can control carbon steel castings within tolerance CT5-6. Also the surface finish will be ...

  • Influence of the chemical composition on steel casting ...

    The aluminium-calcium phase diagrams at 50 °C above the liquidus temperature of the alloys were calculated for all the proposed chemical compositions, keeping the other elements constant, as described above. As known, carbon content directly influences the steel melting temperature, ranging from 1521 °C in low-carbon steel (0.2%C) to 1486 °C in high-carbon steel, as given in Table 1.

  • ASTM A216 Standard for Carbon Steel Castings made in China ...

    ASTM A216 Standard Specification for Carbon Steel Castings made in China Foundry. ASTM A216 covers three grades of carbon steel (Grades WCA, WCB, and WCC), the followings are their mechanical properties, chemical composition and other properties.. The selection of which grades shall depend on the design and service conditions, mechanical properties, and the high temperature characteristics.

  • SWRH82A - SteelJIS - Datasheet, Chemical composition ...

    SWRH82A datasheet, chemical composition, standards, properties. Applications: High carbon steel wire rods to be used for the manufacture of hard drawn steel wires,oil tempered steel wires, hard drawn steel wires for prestressed concrete, galvanized wire strands, wipe ropes, etc.

  • WCB Steel Chemical composition, Metal Properties ...

    This page cover the WCB steel grades Mechanical Properties, Chemical Element, Cross Reference of USA ASTM A216/A216M-1998 ASTM WCB Materials, Application Steel Castings, Carbon, Suitable for Fusion Welding, for High-Temperature Service,

  • PDF Chemical Composition - Steelmetal

    8. Closer limits of composition maybe agreed to between the supplier and the purchaser. 9. Whenever micro alloying elements are added for achieving the strength, maximum carbon equivalent shall not exceed 0.50 for steels used for welding. 10. Carbon equivalent (CE) based on ladle analysis=C + Mn/6 +\Cr+Mo+V)/5 + (Ni+Cu)/15.

  • PDF Chemical Composition of Structural Steels

    1.51 Design of Steel Structures MIT Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Spring Semester, 1999 Chemical Composition of Structural Steels The primary types of structural steel are usually classified according to the following chemical composition categories: Carbon-manganese steels High-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) steels

  • Carbon Steel: Properties, Examples and Applications - Matmatch

    Carbon steel is an iron-carbon alloy, which contains up to 2.1 wt.% carbon. For carbon steels, there is no minimum specified content of other alloying elements, however, they often contain manganese. The maximum manganese, silicon and copper content should be less than 1.65 wt.%, 0.6 wt.% and 0.6 wt.%, respectively.

  • Cast Steel Production | Metal Casting Blog

    Chemical composition of cast steel. The chemical composition of cast steel has a significant bearing on performance properties and is often used to classify steel or assign standard designations. Cast steels can be broken into two broad categories—carbon cast steel and alloyed cast steel. Carbon cast steel

  • Chemical Composition Analysis of Carbon Steel Table - 1010 ...

    DIN 2391 Seamless Precision Steel Tubes EN 10305-1 E215 E235 E355 Seamless Precision Steel Tube Tubing Tubes DIN 2393 St28 St34.2 St37.2 St44.2 St52.3 Welded Precision Steel Tubes

  • Special Alloy Cast Iron Castings Manufacturer

    Manufacturer & Exporter of Carbon Steel Castings Carbon Steel Castings We manufacture premium quality Carbon Steel Casting that is widely used in different industries. The Carbon Low Alloy Steel Casting is manufactured using the latest technology which makes it perfect for surface hardening. The British standards are properly followed in the manufacturing process so as to ensure high standard ...

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